Tool 4: Elevator Pitch

What would you tell a potential resource partner about your organisation if you met them in an elevator? An elevator pitch is a very brief explanation that introduces your organisation, describes what it does and makes a compelling point as to why it is important. It’s a great way to start a discussion with anybody about your organisation.

Keep in mind that the more you say, the less the other person might remember!


Tips for Your Elevator Pitch

  • Your elevator pitch should work like a call-to-action.
  • Have an impact! Make people want to know more about your purpose and organisation.
  • Consider ending with an open question that invites the other person to have a conversation.
  • Be prepared and provide your audience with a takeaway (business card, brochure, or article about your organisation…)



  • Make your pitch lasts only 30–60 seconds. It should be no longer than what it takes to ride up an elevator. Less is more!
  • Practice your pitch: Say your pitch out loud and maybe even record yourself on your phone. Are you on time? Are you sounding like a robot? Or are you rushing through the statement like a night bus? If it doesn’t sound natural and smooth yet, make adjustments and then try it out again.
  • Leave the jargon behind! Your audience might not be an expert in your field and will be able to follow you better if you use simple and clear language. Avoid technical terms and acronyms.
  • Avoid information overkill! People can only process a limited amount of information at a time. If you give out too much information at once, you risk overwhelming the other person. Keep in mind that the pitch is only meant to raise interest in your cause and make the person come back for more details.
  • On the other hand don’t be too vague. At the end of your pitch, the other person should have a clear understanding of what you do, why it is important and what sets you apart.

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